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Energy Panel
6 June 2019

The Energy Panel is a premier discussion platform for oil and gas leaders, government officials and acclaimed industry experts. In 2015, UN member states unanimously supported the Resolution Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda is a plan of action for improving the well-being of people, securing the planet and prosperity. Oil and gas will remain the backbone of the global energy mix. Advancement of the oil and gas industry is a prerequisite for eradicating poverty and hunger, bridging the inequality gap and ensuring decent living standards, which is essential for sustainable development. The Energy Panel Session will provide a comprehensive insight into sustainable energy development, underlining the industry’s multinational and multicultural nature, and its geographical diversity. The discussion participants will exchange views on energy market trends, transformation of the oil and gas industry, and dynamics of the geopolitical impacts on the markets, as well as offering opinion on the cooperation and innovation potential, ensuring an effective transition to the low carbon economy.

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Congress Centre, conference hall D1
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