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Exporting Culture: Ways to Present the Country’s Heritage in the International Arena
6 June 2019

Culture is a national priority around the world. It is called on not only to preserve a single cultural space and territorial integrity, but also to improve the quality of life and social relations. It is the state’s task to increase interest in culture and ensure that it is accessible for people both inside and outside the country. Expanding the influence of Russian culture abroad and promoting the image of Russia as a country with a rich traditional — and a dynamically growing modern — culture is a priority task of the State Cultural Policy Strategy up to 2030. It is aimed at creating a positive cultural image of Russia around the world, making it possible to bring nations together, build friendly relations, develop cultural ties among countries and create communities that, at a qualitatively new level, boost the development of culture in various areas. What areas of culture should be supported and represented abroad? What support methods can be used? What role do business and philanthropic foundations play in exporting culture? What are the prospects for cooperation between Russian and international cultural institutions? What examples are there of successful Russian cultural projects on the international stage? What goals did they pursue? And what did they achieve? What issues need to be resolved in order to strengthen and expand the influence of Russian culture abroad by 2030? How can the Culture national project help achieve the goals in this area?

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