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Identifying Effective Strategies for the Chinese Consumer Market
7 June 2019

While consumption continues to grow into an important driver of China’s overall economic story, in the long term, ‘consumption with Chinese characteristics will be shaped by a booming middle class, an aging population, and a new generation of consumers with unique tastes. Technology and digital innovation, residential and health care expenditures, and changes in disposable income also have an impact. From an international perspective, the cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), coupled with the rise of China-Europe Railways, will facilitate cross-border trade and make Eurasian economies an important part of China’s consumption story. As the economy slows, is China going through a ‘consumption downgrade’? How might technology reshape business models to reach Chinese consumers and what should businesses do to address the next wave of consumer-spending growth in China? How can synergies between the EAEU and the BRI generate benefit to consumers across the Eurasian economies?

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