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Access Granted: Loyalty Rating of SMEs’ 50 Biggest Customers
8 June 2019

Procurement by major customers of SMEs is effectively one of the key forms of support within the business community. In 2018 procurement from SMEs amounted to RUB 3.264 trillion, and it has increased by an average of RUB 1 trillion per year over the past four years. In 2018, the loyalty rating of the biggest SME customers developed by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) in conjunction with the SME Corporation based on a survey of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre was presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. A year on since the presentation of the first rating, ASI along with the SME Corporation is ready to present the results of the next rating. What has changed over the past year? Are there new rating leaders? What further improvements are required?

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