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Digital Future: What’s in Store for Us?
7 June 2019

The advance of digitalisation is driving fundamental changes in all areas of human life. The rapidly growing amount of information is leading to increasing demand for AI technologies and the high-speed processing of big data. These technologies are not only driving growth in new markets but are also playing an increasingly important role in our society, helping us to find solutions to global problems such as the ageing population, disease control, social stratification and environmental degradation. We are gradually creating a smart society based on the values of empowerment, flexibility and creativity. How will digitalisation help us to overcome global challenges and threats? What are the risks of digital inequality for business and society? What is the impact of digitalisation on business processes and which pressure points does it help to overcome? How can we ensure the digital competitiveness of the Russian regions? How can the state support the development of a digital economy?

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