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Human + Machine: Business in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
7 June 2019

New combinations of digital technologies led by artificial intelligence are expected to replace 75 million jobs while creating 128 million new ones by 2022. AI digitalizes many processes, thereby increasing their efficiency and improving general labour productivity by augmenting human capabilities, but it also changes the very nature of work, requiring new production processes and different skill sets. Manufacturing without people, autonomous vehicles, chatbots instead of call centres — this is the new reality for business. But what about people? AI provides the ability to rethink business processes and the optimal distribution of tasks between human and machine by changing the nature of this collaboration. In this situation business needs to transform and prepare people for fundamental changes. Where to begin? What steps should be taken to rethink existing business models and processes? How can enterprises take maximum advantage of AI and people? How can people be prepared for changes without losing productivity and corporate culture? What new roles and skills do businesses need in order to remain competitive?

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