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Banking or Financial Ecosystem: Which Will Outlive the Other?
6 June 2019

Some banks are already actively developing their own ecosystem by providing customers with a variety of services — both financial and non-financial — on the same platform. This creates an unprecedented competitive advantage and becomes a powerful lever for increasing the profitability of banking as a business. Yet many of them still prefer to exclusively remain banks, confining themselves to selling basic banking products and providing excellent customer service. Recent breakthroughs in financial technologies also indicate that there are still many opportunities to remain successful and make money within the framework of the ‘classic’ profile. Five years ago, the idea of customer focus spread widely in the Russian banking sector. It is based on an understanding of customer needs rather than product promotion and aims to provide a customer experience similar to Amazon and Uber, which is intuitively simple and convenient, with any action requiring just a single click. Even today, five years later, most banks are still far from achieving this ideal environment: cumbersome approval processes and visits to bank branches are still the norm rather than the exception. What strategy is justified? Is it possible to remain a successful ‘classic’ bank by providing exceptional customer service or is expanding the focus towards the ecosystem a must in order to survive? Is there a ‘classic’ bank that will reach the level of the digital players? Should we consider movement towards the ecosystem offensive or defensive? What is the primary goal — to open up new markets or to reposition the market for digital giants? Is the ecosystem integration trend really in the interests of consumers, and do they value greater centralization?

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