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Accelerated Development in Russia: Implementation so far and Growth Prospects
8 June 2019

To date, one of the key tasks of socio- economic development of Russia has been the creation of a system for acceleration of small and medium-sized businesses, including individual entrepreneurs. This includes development of infrastructure and supporting services, as well as accelerated development of SMEs in areas such as urban development, R&D, innovation, the social sphere and ecology. The main advantage of the accelerator is the possibility of ‘accelerating time’: with the help of expert advice, access to a broad base of contacts and a detailed programme, the entrepreneurs can develop projects much more intensively, achieving the planned results up to a year early, often within a few months. The accelerator’s task is to debug business processes and scale up the business, i.e., to create the backbone for further development of the project and for attracting substantive investments. The investment market is growing across a wide range of industries, and the goals have been set to develop successful cooperation between the state and business within a framework of a national project, to identify the most successful practices and to roll them out. What is an accelerator? What types of acceleration programmes are available and what is their segmentation? How can Russia become the world’s leader in acceleration methods? What are the examples of successful cooperation between business and government in acceleration of entrepreneurs? What is the international experience and what are the latest trends? How is business being fostered in the world’s leading clusters? What types of acceleration in Russia already have positive results? What indicators of growth for small and medium-sized business development can be achieved together with the help of proven practices?

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