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The symbiosis of Artificial and Natural Intelligence: opportunities and prospects
19 February 2020

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies can provide people with assistance in many areas — data analysis, choosing optimal solutions, monitoring situations and managing. There is a trend of the global AI influence on the economy, business and society. The high demand for intelligent virtual assistants provides the market with an annual growth of over 30%. However, despite its potential power, creativity and human morality are inaccessible to AI. Today it is required to synchronize steps and build a policy of harmonization of research programs in the field of information technology and biomedicine. It is necessary to reach an agreement and develop effective programs for the interaction of artificial and natural intelligence, aimed to develop a comfortable and secure future for all people.

Questions for discussion:

  • What is the difference between AI and EI (how one affect another)?
  • How does AI help natural intelligence: what functions does it take upon itself, what «role» remains with natural intelligence, is AI an «instrument» of man?
  • In which areas will Artificial Intelligence replace natural intelligence, where will it have an advantage?
  • In which areas does natural intelligence retain its position?
  • Is there a threat of a «digital dictatorship»? Does humanity have enough potential to protect its interests and not become an «appendage» of the digital mind?
  • The impact of the AI ​​phenomenon on society and technology.

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