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Session 6.4: New Approaches to Assessing the Financial Stability of Insurance Companies
4 July 2019
The development of both the financial and insurance markets has led to increasingly complex operations on the insurers’ balance sheets. In order to assess the financial stability of insurance companies, it is vital to systematically evaluate all the insurers’ assets and liabilities, as well as potential shake-ups affecting individual companies and the economy as a whole.

Topics for discussion:
The main sources of risk to financial stability: the ratio of insurance, financial, and operational risks.
The role of corporate governance in improving financial sustainability.
The impact of turbulence in the market, and contributing factors.
The effect a high concentration of credit risk has on financial stability assessments.
Features of insurers’ individual business models: reinsurance, life insurance, and compulsory medical insurance.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Astoria Hotel, Conference hall 5 (first floor)
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