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Session 6.2: Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance: A Focus on Customisation
4 July 2019
Motor third-party liability insurance is a key part of the Russian insurance industry, which has been very sensitive for customers in the last few years. The discussion will focus on a new, balanced model for motor third-party liability insurance, in which the customer is offered affordable and high-quality services with prices reflecting their driving behaviour, and the insurer benefits economically from providing such services.
The session will consider the preliminary results of the motor third-party liability insurance reforms; the main development trends of motor third-party liability insurance from 2017 to 2019, taking regional factors into consideration; the ability to customise motor third-party liability insurance products; digitalisation of motor third-party liability insurance (new opportunities for participant relations); and the role of insurance intermediaries in reforming motor third-party liability insurance.
International Financial Congress
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Astoria Hotel, Conference hall 5 (first floor)
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