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Session 6.1: A Development Strategy for the Insurance Sector: Perspectives of the Market and the Regulator
4 July 2019
The effective development of the insurance market, an increase in the competitiveness and quality of insurance services, and improved financial stability among market participants depend on a number of factors. There needs to be a unified approach to creating the conditions for the market, an understanding of regulators’ demands to the market, and indeed, an understanding of the market’s demands to the regulator.
The session will cover the current state of the insurance market (challenges and prospects, the effects of external factors); the objectives and principles of the Bank of Russia with respect to the development of the financial market as a whole and the insurance market as a crucial and socially important part of the financial market; the market’s view of the strategic goals of the insurance industry; the initial results of implementing the Development Strategy for the Russian Federation’s Insurance Industry for the period 2019–2021; the role of self-regulatory organisations in the development and qualitative improvement of the insurance services market; the introduction of innovative technologies to the insurance market to help transform the market landscape; and stimuli for the development of voluntary forms of insurance, including expectations regarding growth of home insurance in new regulatory conditions.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Astoria Hotel, Conference hall 5 (first floor)
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