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Session 5.4: Online Services in the Microfinance Market: Challenges and Growth Prospects
4 July 2019
The microfinance market is rapidly being transformed by the latest technologies. Loans are issued online, biometrics and artificial intelligence are used almost as often as in the banking sector, and microfinance companies are becoming advanced platforms incorporating FinTech solutions.
Participants will discuss the challenges facing the online segment, including those emerging as remote sales channels expand, and present their methods of effectively confronting such challenges.
The session will also provide an opportunity to learn about currently available technical innovations that can be used, among other things, to minimise companies’ risks, reduce costs, enhance customer relations, and improve the quality of services.
Representatives of the business community will share their knowledge on remote scoring. In addition, a representative of the Bank of Russia will provide an update on the development of biometrics.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Presidential Library, Conference hall 4 (third floor)
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