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Session 5.3: The Development and Improvement of a Self-Regulation Institution on the Microfinance Market
4 July 2019
This session will review the main developments in the microfinance market since legislative requirements for self-regulation came into force. Prospects for further improvement, as well as the possibility for self-regulatory organisations (SROs) to play a bigger role in the process of monitoring and oversight will be covered.
Aspects related to shaping the monitoring environment will also come under discussion. Topics will include providing the necessary methods and instruments of monitoring for SROs, and implementing measures to improve the quality of work done by SROs.
Participants will examine the benefits of regulation based on key standards, and the flexible and prompt regulatory impact it would have on microfinance institutions. They will have the opportunity to find out how applying these standards has affected microfinance market participants, particularly with regard to financial stability. The topics of misconduct and preventing unfair practices will also come under discussion.
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