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Session 5.2: The Socialisation of Microfinance Organisations: Transforming Business Models through Regulatory Action
4 July 2019
Legislative changes that have come into effect since January 2019 have had an impact on the microfinance market as a whole and on the way individual participants operate. Tightening the previously existing limit on payments for short-term consumer loans and introducing a limit on the daily interest rate have forced the majority of microfinance institutions to change their business models in order to maintain their market presence.
Representatives of the professional community will speak about their business restructuring strategies and new opportunities for development.
An international speaker will present his views on possible ways to boost microfinance based on international experience. Participants will learn about the position of human rights advocates on the issues under consideration. They will also discuss prospects of introducing a debt burden indicator into the regulation. The indicator is designed to reduce the burden on borrowers and prevent a possible increase in household debt.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Presidential Library, Conference hall 4 (third floor)
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