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Session 5.1: Credit Cooperation: Pathways Towards Earning Trust and Raising Popularity
4 July 2019
Credit cooperation, which re-emerged in Russia during the turbulent period of the 1990s, was viewed as a tool that provided the country’s citizens with affordable and transparent financial services. Credit cooperatives (credit unions) were used for a good reason: throughout the world, they were viewed as a form of ‘safe finance’, or ‘household money’. To what degree does credit cooperation live up to this image in today’s Russia?
This session will examine the steps needed to make consumer credit cooperatives trustworthy, popular,
and viable institutions which can also play an effective role in tackling social issues.
Russian industry representatives will share their vision of the future, and the main provisions of the Credit Cooperation Development strategy — which the professional community plans to adopt in June 2019 — will be announced. An international expert will also express his views on the issues to be discussed.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Presidential Library, Conference hall 4 (third floor)
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