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Session 4.4: Private Pension Funds: Competition and Factors Hindering Business Development
4 July 2019
This session will examine various manifestations of competition in the private pension fund market.
Discussions will focus on competition between PPFs of different sizes, including those with and without government participation, and the consequences of unfair competition, particularly as a result of actions by a fund’s agents. This will also provide an opportunity to assess the prospects for small private pension funds.
Speakers will review how PPFs compete for investors’ money with other financial market participants, such as insurers, banks, and professional market players. Special attention will be paid to enhancing confidence in PPFs through, for example, the pension guarantee system (compulsory pension insurance and, at a later stage, non-state pension schemes), and the financial recovery mechanism for PPFs.
The competitive advantage of asset management companies over private pension funds will also be examined, as limitations on managing pension investment portfolios are being removed.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Presidential Library, Conference hall 1 (first floor)
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