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Session 3.6: The Role of Infrastructure in Building a Trusting Environment and Simplifying Investor Access to the Financial Market in the Era of Digitalisation
5 July 2019
Investment is vital for economic growth. One source of investment is household savings, and as such we need to increase public interest in the financial markets and improve financial literacy, and, most importantly, create a trusting environment in the financial market.

This environment should minimise the risks of fraud and violation of investor rights, and also provide investors with modern online tools to access the market, up-to-date and verified information about the tools and assets owned by investors, and improve investment returns.

The roundtable participants will share their experience, vision and expectations regarding the role of the future post-trading infrastructure in creating a trusting environment, as well as the prospects of new digital technologies for investors in the Russian market.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Presidential Library, Conference hall 3 (second floor)
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