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Session 3.5: Investment Consulting: Initial Results
5 July 2019

Legislative changes that came into effect in December 2018 have helped shape regulation for a new sector of the financial market: investment consulting. Proposed topics for discussion during this session include the initial results of introducing the new legislation, along with required adjustments to the regulatory framework in light of established business practices. This will encompass an examination of a draft of the basic standard for investment consulting, which is designed to provide a detailed description of this kind of service. Another relevant issue — the launch of new products by market participants on the basis of the new legislation — will also be covered, as will changes to business models stemming from legislative developments. Taxation of investment advisers, including those who are self-employed and possibly also work in other fields, will also be an important area of discussion. The procedure and practice of accrediting automated consulting programmes will also be considered.

International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Presidential Library, Conference hall 3 (second floor)
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