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Session 2.3: Central Banks’ Communication as a Monetary Policy Tool
4 July 2019
Just three decades ago, the most common practice of central banks was to keep information about decision-making processes inside. The situation changed recently and active communications has gradually become a crucial element of contemporary central banking.
The global experience in central bank communications under inflation targeting and current practices in different countries show that many questions remain open in this area.
One of the most debated issues is the future of monetary policy forward guidance amid the normalisation of monetary policy in advanced economies and global financial conditions. The issues of optimal transparency and expediency of publication policy rate path remain crucial. Emerging market economies face their specific conditions and challenges.These are the questions addressed at the session with representatives of central banks with a long and successful record of communication policy, researches and market analysts.
International Financial Congress
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Angleterre Hotel, Conference hall 7 (first floor)
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