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Session 1.7: The Development of the Deposit Insurance System
5 July 2019

This session will focus on the objectives of Russian banks in the deposit insurance system, together with the main aspects affecting growth in the sector, and next stages. Discussions will take into account ambitious objectives aimed at improving the Russian banking sector, growing numbers of members in the deposit insurance scheme, and the insurance liability of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Participants will look at ways to ensure the self-sufficiency of the compulsory deposit insurance fund and the commensurate burden on banks, particularly with regard to approaches to forming a calculation base and a differentiated system of insurance premiums which takes a bank’s financial stability into account. International trends in the development of deposit insurance systems (the EU, BRICS) will also be examined, as will the potential of the emerging common financial market of the EAEU, and ways to harmonise the deposit insurance systems of EAEU member states in order to provide depositors with full and cross-border insurance coverage.

International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Astoria Hotel, Conference hall 6 (first floor)
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