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Session 1.4: RegTech and SupTech: Technological Transformation of Interaction between the Financial Industry and the Regulator
4 July 2019
The development of FinTech is providing new instruments to improve regulation and supervision. The digitalization of this area has not only led to the emergence of RegTech and SupTech, but is spurring a transformation in the way regulators interact with financial market participants. This session will focus on the following topics:
Digitalizing supervision. A new perspective on risk and regulation.
The main trends in RegTech and SupTech: the use of AI, ML, and Big Data tools. The digitalization of reporting.
RegTech and SupTech solutions currently required by credit organizations. The need for assistance from the Bank of Russia in implementing such solutions.
A roadmap to implement RegTech and SupTech projects at the Bank of Russia.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Astoria Hotel, Conference hall 6 (first floor)
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