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Session 1.1: New Approaches to Finance for Housing Construction: Challenges and Opportunities for the Banking and Construction Sectors
4 July 2019
Housing finance reform: its social significance and role as a growth area for the banking and construction industries.
This reform must ensure the continued development of the housing market in order to meet the target indicators of the Housing and Urban Environment National Project.
Financing buyer-funded (shared-equity) housing development: a market for developing competitiveness in the banking sector.
Evaluating the risks and performance of construction projects: new regulatory approaches and the development of new competencies. The Unified Information System for Housing Construction (UISHC) as a unified platform and source of information for all market participants. Developer and construction company ratings: can they be relied on?
Laws and regulations: are the interests of all participants in buyer-funded housing development represented equally? Is the search for optimal rules for all market participants over?
Prospects and objectives for the construction industry and market: improving financing and strategic planning skills without using free financial resources, sector consolidation, increasing transparency, and developing technologies that take new client demands into account.
International Financial Congress
Started at
Conference hall
Astoria Hotel, Conference hall 6 (first floor)
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