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Russia: Contributing to Food Security in the Asia-Pacific Region
2 September 2016

Asia is seeing rapid growth in its consumption of and demand for high-quality food products. At the same time, the ability of Asia-Pacific countries to increase their own food production, expanding the food supply with larger growing areas or higher crop yields, is almost exhausted. The Russian Far East, meanwhile, has a significant bank of fertile land and enjoys advantageous natural conditions for implementing projects to cultivate high-quality, environmentally-friendly crops for both domestic consumption and export. Through the ASEZs set up by the Russian Government, investors are offered unique business opportunities with guaranteed support from specialist development institutes as well as international investment platforms. Can the Russian Far East agricultural cluster supply Asia with food? How can Russia’s Far Eastern agro-industrial complex contribute to food security in Asia-Pacific countries? How do we strike a reasonable balance between global and national interests? Do the food producers of the Russian Far East need an umbrella brand and state protection in order to enter competitive Asian markets?

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