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6 September 2017

Throughout the 20-plus years of relations between Russia and ASEAN member states, particular attention has focused on trade. This year marks the launch of a range of projects in the Russian Far East that are being implemented with the participation of companies from ASEAN member states — in machine building, agriculture, timber processing, transport, and tourism. However, it is also crucial to concentrate on the considerable investment potential, which remains untapped. To ensure the success of projects undertaken in the Russian Far East with the participation of investors from ASEAN member states, unprecedented conditions have been put in place to ensure the highest level of convenience. The region is in a position to become a springboard for building cooperation between Russia and ASEAN countries. Special significance should be accorded to projects, which will create a multiplier effect, joint production based on the application of cutting-edge, innovative solutions, and breakthrough technologies targeted both at the local market and for export to countries experiencing continued growth in demand for products of this kind. It is vitally important to give due consideration to the opportunities presented by multilateral cooperation, whereby investors from several countries participate in a single project. What are the projects being realized in the Russian Far East by ASEAN member states? How can investors from several ASEAN countries be brought together for a single project? What barriers are currently impeding the flow of investment from ASEAN countries into the Russian Far East, and how can these be overcome? Which sectors feature the most promising projects for working together?

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