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Energy of the Future: Technological Solutions for Cities and Regions
3 October 2019

The spread of new technologies and devices is transforming the energy and utilities sectors: energy consumption trends are changing and demand for investment in creating new capacities is growing. On the other hand, depreciation and obsolescence of energy infrastructure and increasing security, environmental, and reliability demands on energy systems force city administrations to increase spending on system maintenance. New players and innovative business models (e.g. startups, telecom companies) are entering the energy sector. City and regional administrations are actively searching for new practical and innovative solutions. Moreover, city administrations must create conditions to turn their cities into platforms for testing new technologies and business models, including those within the traditionally budget-intensive segments of the fuel and energy sector. What technologies, solutions, and business models in the fuel and energy sector are most sought after in both cities and regions? How is that demand influenced by Russia’s unique characteristics? How can the reliability and security of existing systems be increased and their energy capacities expanded while reducing maintenance costs? What legislative changes are required for the implementation of new solutions and business models? What support must the government provide to stimulate this process? What practical stimulus instruments have already been developed and are being implemented?

Russian Energy Week
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Manege, 1st floor, conference hall 2 (Moscow)
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