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Housing and Utilities Strategy to 2035: Current Status, Priorities and Goals
4 October 2019

Housing and utilities play a huge role in the economic and social life of the country. People hold housing and utilities services responsible for any problems or improvements in utility services and their subsequent impact on the quality of life of citizens and the environment. The aging of fixed assets combined with macroeconomic and social factors poses challenges to the industry, and new technologies are opening up opportunities to improve the quality of services and investments. What is the current status of housing and utilities services? What are the priorities and goals for the new housing and utilities development strategy until 2035? What approaches to housing and utilities services will facilitate the effective management of the sector, including price and regulatory controls and regulations? With today’s sluggish economy and slowdown in investment activity coupled with the rapid development of technology, how can the public sector become an attractive market for investors? What new technologies are most sought after and how can the digitalization of housing and utilities services benefit consumers? What are the best examples that can be replicated?

Russian Energy Week
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Manege, –2nd floor, conference hall A
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