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Development Strategy of the Russian Coal Industry to 2035: A New Perspective
3 October 2019

As a result of the increase in prices and demand for coal products over the past three years, the Strategy and Programme for the Development of the Russian Coal Industry to 2035 needs updating. Concerned federal executive bodies and coal companies are following instructions from the President of the Russian Federation: they are working on promising investment and infrastructure projects, analyzing Russia’s prospects in the global coal market, surveying mechanisms for developing traditional and new coal mining centres, increasing the potential of traditional coal markets, and observing new trends. What is the potential of the global coal market and what is Russia’s place in it? How will the volume of coal exports change by 2035 and in which direction: Atlantic or Eastern? How will transport infrastructure develop, especially those parts that facilitate the export of coal to the East? What is the potential of the domestic coal market? What are the challenges and opportunities for coal generation in Russia and around the world? What is the level of technological development of the coal industry and what is its share of unprofitable organizations? What are the prospects for growth in coal production from the development of new and easily recoverable coal reserves?

Russian Energy Week
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