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Developing Regional Renewable Energy Market Segments in Russia: Retail, Remote Territories, and Microgeneration
3 October 2019
Valery Presnyakov
Editor-in-Chief, Power and Industry of Russia Newspaper
Speakers and experts
Roman Berdnikov
Member of the Management Board, First Deputy General Director, Rosseti
Aleksey Voronin
Director, Branch Office of Rusatom - Automated Control Systems - Rusatom Electrotechnic
Sergey Esyakov
First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Energy, The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Aleksey Kaplun
Council Member, EUROSOLAR Russia Non-Profit Partnership for the Development of Renewable Energy
Masaomi Koyama
Director of the International Affairs Office of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
Evgeny Nikora
Deputy Governor of Murmansk Region
Alexander Smekalin
First Deputy Chairman, Government of Ulyanovsk Region
Christoph Urbschat
Director, German Solar Energy Association
Igor Shakhray
General Director, Hevel
Julia Bunina
Sustainable Development Business Partner, IKEA