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Developing Regional Renewable Energy Market Segments in Russia: Retail, Remote Territories, and Microgeneration
3 October 2019

Unlike Russia’s mature wholesale renewables market, other market segments are only just picking up steam. Renewable energy is a commercially viable power generation source for isolated power systems, making them a high-priority, promising area of development in Russia’s renewable energy sector. Isolated power systems usually get their energy from diesel power plants, which can be switched out for green energy sources. In certain cases, renewable energy may serve as an effective solution for micro-settlements in central Russia that are currently getting their energy from long-distance connections to electric grids. However, despite the gradual improvement in the regulatory framework for wind and solar energy facilities, there are a number of factors that are significantly slowing the regional development of renewables. Households are another promising market segment. The passing of the law on microgeneration will significantly increase the size of the renewables market in Russia and create many new jobs. What regional solutions are needed to support new renewables projects and what additional incentives can be provided to investors? Which risks associated with the development of renewable energy in remote territories and micro-settlements must be considered? Are renewables projects of interest to industrial or small and medium-sized enterprises? Which barriers to developing renewable energy must be tackled first? Which countries’ experiences in developing renewable energy can be applied to Russia?

Russian Energy Week
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