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Public session Working Group on Reducing the Dependence of the Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industries on the Equipment, Components, Technologies, and Services (Works) Import of the Expert Council of the Russian Ministry of Energy
3 October 2019

The Russian oil refining and petrochemical sector is a strategically important part of the national economy, with significant potential for the manufacture of products with a high added value, resulting in synergistic effects in related sectors of the economy, including domestic higher education and science. The oil refining and petrochemical industries may come to serve as key drivers of industrial growth and increase non-commodity, non-energy exports. The development and accelerated implementation of domestic technologies and innovations and the full-scale launch of import substitution processes are needed to achieve these results. What limitations are currently standing in the way of the development of domestic technologies and components for the oil refining and petrochemical industries? What are the priority areas and opportunities for increasing the competitiveness of domestic technologies, catalysts, and fuel and oil additives in domestic and foreign markets? What regulatory changes and government support measures will help in reaching a significant breakthrough in the technological development of the domestic oil refining and petrochemical industries? Members of the working group will discuss the results of their work in inventorying technologies used in the Russian oil refining and petrochemical industries, evaluating priority areas for import substitution, and creating a roadmap for reducing the dependence of the oil refining and petrochemical industries on the import of equipment, components, technologies, and services (works).

Russian Energy Week
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