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The Promotion of BAT in the Energy Sector. Expected Effectiveness of IEP
3 October 2019

The increasingly stringent approaches to environmental protection pose new challenges for power engineers. The reduction of the human impact on the environment in line with the best available technologies (BAT), the development and acquisition of integrated environmental permits (IEP), the need to develop and implement programmes to improve environmental efficiency, and the need to install automatic measuring equipment on a mandatory basis are all important issues for category 1–2 electric power and mining sectors which exert a negative impact on the environment. How can we synchronize the achievement of BAT indicators with the new standardization system and list of controlled targets? Are the incentive measures in place sufficient for organizations to implement BAT and can they be implemented? Are expert commissions combined with a state environmental impact assessment necessary when issuing an IEP?

Russian Energy Week
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Manege, 1st floor, conference hall 3
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