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Using Energy Storage and Distributed Generation at Russian Railways: Problems and Opportunities
4 October 2019

Russia is paying special attention to technical solutions capable of increasing the energy and technological efficiency of railway transit, including those utilizing alternative energy sources. The rail traction power network was created in the USSR, as part of the Unified Energy System, and met the objectives set before it during the Soviet period and the projected transit volumes of the time. New volumes of transit require new solutions. Increasing traffic along the Baikal—Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway necessitates an increase in railway and contact network capacities. Where does the future lie? In the construction of new thermal power stations and railways? Distributed generation? Energy storage? Is energy storage a technological and technical breakthrough for electric power systems? Solar panels: a trendy technological solution or the future of distributed generation?

Russian Energy Week
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Manege, 1st floor, conference hall 2 (Moscow)
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