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Towards Leadership in the Global Energy Mix: Priorities of the Gas Industry
2 October 2019

With its reduced impact on the environment and low cost, natural gas is set to be one of the most popular energy sources in the medium and long term. The transition from coal to gas will reduce current levels of greenhouse gas emissions in the power generation sector by 80% and give a major boost to the process of decarbonization. The use of natural gas as a source of hydrogen and motor fuel can make gas the leading global energy source in the long term. Can the gas industry continue to expand the supply of pipeline gas from production sites or ports to supply remote regions with natural gas? How can LNG production efficiency be increased, and the cost of gas production and liquefaction reduced? Will manufacturers be able to supply the required amount of gas with the reduced terms of LNG supply agreements and rate cuts in regional markets? Can we expect the reduction in coal consumption from China and other major consumers to accelerate? What are the optimal approaches to the development of the transport infrastructure and tanker fleet capacity in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for LNG?

Russian Energy Week
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