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Integration of Renewables into the Grid: Best Practices, Challenges and Opportunities across Europe
3 October 2019

Over the past few years, energy efficiency and renewable energy have gained increasing interest in the Russian Federation, where there is a consensus that steps have to be taken to control carbon emissions, in line with the Paris Agreement. Lately, a number of legislative initiatives have been adopted to enhance the integration of renewables into the existing framework. At the same time, power feed-in from big industry players and small and medium-sized enterprises as well as surplus energy provided by households can cause significant changes to the grid system. Today, the efficient grid integration of renewables remains a challenging task and a matter of public debate in many countries. How does the grid integration of renewables work in practice? What key regulatory issues need to be addressed and implemented in order to ensure the proper integration of renewables? How can grid stability be ensured while increasing the share of renewables and producing energy in harsh climate conditions? How can grid-connected biomass, wind and solar parks become a reliable and cost-competitive energy source? What challenges do the Russian regions face with regard to the integration of renewable energy into the grid? Can renewables become a significant tool for providing energy in remote off-grid settlements?

Russian Energy Week
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