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Power Engineering: Prospects for the Development of High-Capacity Gas Turbines in the Russian Federation
3 October 2019

The ability to produce high-capacity turbines is a key goal for Russia’s power engineering industry, marking as it would a significant step forward in guaranteeing the country’s energy security. The use of high-capacity gas turbines for the heat and electric energy combination cycle at thermal power plants would also lead to an improvement in technical and economic performance. However, it is important to bear in mind that developing and manufacturing high-capacity turbines is a complex technical undertaking, which not only involves the turbines themselves, but also other related areas, including materials, metals, casting and forging. The government is therefore taking steps to support the development of manufacturing technology for turbines of this kind. In order to make this development process more efficient and to ensure that demand for turbines remains stable in the future, it is vital to also involve power generating companies, given that they will be the customers of these Russian-made products. This will enable organizations to draw upon the experience of commissioning similar facilities abroad, and to test solutions which may help Russian gas turbines become leaders in the international market. What is the current situation with regards the development of high-capacity gas turbine manufacturing? What additional measures could the government take to support manufacturers? How do power generating companies assess future demand for Russian-produced high-capacity gas turbines? What proposals can power generating companies put forward using the experience of commissioning similar facilities in Russia and abroad? What can be done to facilitate collaboration between manufacturers of energy equipment and the companies using it?

Russian Energy Week
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