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EnergyNet 2.0: Priorities, Outlook, Opportunities
3 October 2019

Since the roadmap for the EnergyNet National Technology Initiative (NTI) was implemented in 2016, a whole range of projects in smart energy have been launched on business-led initiatives and are already bringing a completely new segment of high-tech solutions to the energy services market. Work is currently underway to improve the regulatory framework with a focus on simplifying interaction between government and innovative business, ensuring a basic set of standards for rolling out new solutions to the market. At the same time, new technologies are developing rapidly in Russia and around the world, including digital technologies, which are already a key factor in increasing the competitiveness of companies. With this in mind, it is necessary to update the roadmap with an emphasis on planning wide-ranging projects and programmes as well as organizing new forms of interaction between tech companies, corporations and state-owned businesses in order to achieve the goals set out in the EnergyNet NTI roadmap, which cover the creation of global and high-end commercial products and services and their promotion on foreign markets. What results have already been achieved in implementing the EnergyNet NTI roadmap? What new technological trends have appeared on global energy markets? What challenges do they pose to the Russian energy sector? How can wide-ranging projects aimed at creating global high-tech products and services be launched and implemented, and how can they be promoted on foreign markets? What is the role of the EnergyNet NTI roadmap in the digital transformation of the energy industry?

Russian Energy Week
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