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What Does the Energy Industry of the Future Look Like?
3 October 2019

The development of the electric power industry and related industries, as well as consumers’ digitalization, requires the use of both tested and new methods of data processing, the creation of controlled segmentation in the electric power network, and the simultaneous development of the information network and the power grid. Flexible management and control of network operating modes will require the use of high-speed neural networks and other machine algorithms, and possibly even quantum computing technologies. It is evident that the comprehensive management and control of a complex network requires a huge number of factors to be taken into account. Such computation is currently beyond the capability of existing information algorithms. However, the transition to digital control devices and the provision of electricity services will allow for the dynamic control of electricity flows, improving the load parameters of the power generation network. Moreover, the ability to simultaneously transmit data and supply power can open the door to additional benefits in existing arrays, the development of consumer services, and intelligent control systems. What does the energy industry of the future look like? Could the merger of electric power and information networks result in a new community larger than the global Internet? Which technological trends will drive change in the electric power industry?

Russian Energy Week
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