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Meeting for Participants in the Wind Industry The Challenges of Localizing the Production of Wind Turbines in the Russian Federation
5 October 2018

One of the main requirements of legislation to support renewable energy in Russia is compliance with a high degree of localization of production. And with any type of development of wind power in Russia, it is unambiguously assumed that an industry for producing wind turbines will be created in Russia, and that the requirements for component manufacturers will be stepped up. According to the vendors who are currently producing wind turbines or their components, Russian companies are, generally, prepared to produce almost all the components for wind turbines. But, nevertheless, ‘growing pains’ cannot be ignored, and sometimes Russian companies that declare their readiness to produce components for wind turbines do not, in fact, always have high enough production standards, or equipment of a quality that vendors can accept. Today we already have the ‘first signs’ of the production of components for wind turbines: blades in the Ulyanovsk region, nacelles in Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg, towers in Taganrog, and assembly production in Volgodonsk. But the potential of the market is huge, and many opportunities are not being taken up. Market experts have compiled a ‘localization map for component production’ for wind turbines, the active part of which includes a total of 15 enterprises, whereas the number of potential component manufacturers includes more than 200 factories and plants in various regions of the country. This is a powerful potential resource that could strengthen a new, emerging branch of power engineering in Russia. This new industry has a high export potential. The development of wind energy in neighbouring countries may be facilitated, and with the participation of Russian manufacturing firms. What experiences of setting up the wind industry in other countries should be taken into consideration? What production standards for component manufacturers are important specifically for the wind industry? What prevents the involvement of new participants in the localization process in Russia? Will the localization process facilitate the creation of a national line of wind turbines, and is this necessary for the industry?

Russian Energy Week
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Conference hall
Manege, –2nd floor, conference hall B
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