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Strengthening International Alliances for the Localization of Waste-to-Energy Solutions
5 October 2018

By 2050 global amounts of municipal solid waste are estimated to reach 3 billion tonnes per year. Waste managers and decision-makers in developing and emerging countries have to respond to increasing health and environmental problems and the discontent of the population coupled with rapidly growing energy demands. In recent times waste-to-energy (WtE) has been increasingly viewed as a solution. The volume of MSW in the Russian Federation has been steadily increasing in recent years. It is expected that by 2025 MSW generation in Russia will reach between 70 and 80 million tons per year. The current amount of accumulated landfill waste in the Russian Federation is enough to load the Trans-Siberian railroad to full capacity for 2,400 years. Efforts are under way to identify projects and solutions. However, there are several challenges, such as adopting waste-to-energy solutions which are specific to each waste management culture, high CAPEX and OPEX, limited opportunities for technology localization, and establishing a value-added domestic manufacturing sector, to name but a few. At the session, practitioners and experts from Germany, Austria, Brazil, India, Russia, and China will discuss success factors and multilateral sustainable solutions to industrialize the waste-to-energy supply chain. They will also focus on ways international alliances can be forged to achieve sustainable solutions, such as through institutional agreements and articulation; innovative decentralized technological solutions and business models, regulatory and innovative financial instruments, and PPP mechanisms.

Russian Energy Week
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