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Industry 4.0 Technologies in the Coal Sector
4 October 2018
Dmitry Klebanov
Director for Development, VIST Group
Speakers and experts
Gennady Alekseev
Chief Executive Officer, SDS-Ugol
Tatyana Goffart
Head of Scientific and Technical Department, Granch Ltd.
Sergey Mochalnikov
Head of Coal Mining and Peat Industry Department, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
Sergey Myasnikov
Deputy Head of the Department for Supervision in Coal Industry, Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor)
Sergey Nikishichev
Director, IMC Montan
Yury Plakitkin
Head of Center for Analysis and Innovation in Energy, Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Vladimir Tuzov
Chief Strategy Officer, SUEK