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Improving the Regulatory System in the Fuel and Energy Industry to Ensure Safe and Reliable Energy Supplies for the Consumer
5 October 2018

The regulatory system governing the fuel and energy industry was drawn up over a period of more than 10 years. Despite the justifiably specific nature of legal regulation in the field, a great many aspects are more general, covering all sectors in the energy industry. This primarily concerns the legal framework supporting safe and reliable energy supplies for the consumer. What does the concept of safe and reliable energy supplies encompass? Is legislation governing the calculation and pricing of energy supplies effective? Does the existing regulatory system enable energy infrastructure investment projects to be implemented? Has a balance been struck on domestic energy markets between the interests of suppliers and consumers, extraction and generation companies, and transport and retail companies and the government? Does today’s legal regulation in the fuel and energy industry successfully protect the rights of energy market participants? In the immediate future, what changes need to be made to legal models encountered in energy markets to ensure safe and reliable energy supplies for the consumer?

Russian Energy Week
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Conference hall
Manege, –2nd floor, conference hall C
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