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Presentation of the Heat Supply System Efficiency Rating of the Russian Regions
4 October 2018

In 2018, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation continued their collaboration with the regions and expert community to draw up a heat supply system efficiency rating for Russian localities. Ratings of municipalities take place at the regional level, while ratings of regions take place at the national level. The rating evaluates efforts made by government bodies of all levels to create an environment conducive to a reliable, incident-free heat supply, a reduction in fuel consumption, a reduction in heat losses, the application of modern technologies in thermal networks and for use by the consumer, the updating of heat supply plans, and the implementation of the incorporated action plan. It does not only aim to measure a company’s success, but also to identify and publicize best practices. Among those attending the event will be representatives of regional ministries of energy, housing and utilities; energy companies, and the expert community. Discussions will focus on the results of the rating, and experience will also be shared on applying best practices in heat supply system management and in implementing modern technologies in the industry.

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