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EAEU Country Policies in Promoting Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development of the Energy Sector: Challenges and Shared Initiatives
5 October 2018

Energy saving and transitioning to modern, green technologies form one of the key means of ensuring the sustainable development of the energy sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Countries where the quality of life is improving are interested in reducing their dependency on energy resources and increasing efficiency of use. Several countries in the region have already managed to create effective mechanisms to reduce energy consumption and ensure the sustainable growth of the energy sector. Experience has shown that the state has played a key role in achieving these results, with state support among the measures applied. What are countries prioritizing in their efforts to save energy and transition to green energy sources? Where has progress been most apparent, and how was this achieved? What is the current and potential role of Eurasian integration? Will it be possible to agree uniform supranational priorities and timeframes by which to achieve them? What energy and energy efficiency projects could be supported by the Russia—UNDP Trust Fund and other international donors in partnership with the UNDP in countries in the region? Will regional projects, such as the UNDP’s Regulatory Framework to Promote Energy Efficiency in Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union prove to be an effective tool to align approaches and harmonize regulation across the region?

Russian Energy Week
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