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Global Energy 2035: Overcoming Barriers and Consolidating Opportunities
4 October 2018
The world today has entered the fourth industrial revolution: all aspects of life are changing, and energy is no exception. World energy markets are currently undergoing a profound transformation that is significantly changing the volume and structure of demand and leading to increased competition across the globe. Technological advances are only serving to increase the pace of change. Today’s key trends include the evolution of the energy mix in favour of cleaner sources; the increasingly prominent role played by the climate agenda (and consequently, the development of renewable energy sources); the all-pervading digitalization of life and the economy, and the development of technologies; and the globalization of the fuel and energy sector, and with it, the increasing accessibility of resources. And above all is the question of the petrol station versus the power outlet. What future awaits traditional energy? How can global energy security be ensured in a such a volatile economic and political climate?
New opportunities and hidden threats associated with the fourth industrial revolution. How can new trends in the global energy market be predicted?
• The implementation of new energy resource extraction and production technologies to maintain competitiveness. The current status in Russia.
• Gas as a solution to the issue of climate change and an alternative to renewable energy sources in the near future.
• The sustainable energy of the future’s fuel mix: Russia and the world. Current threats to the oil demand.
• Tackling energy poverty and increasing energy access across the globe.
Russian Energy Week
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Conference hall
Manege, 1st floor, Plenary conference hall
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