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The Electric Power Industry: Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
3 October 2018
Marcus Eul
Partner, European Leader Digitization in Energy Industry, PwC
Speakers and experts
Petr Biryukov
Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing and Utilities and Improvement
Pavel Zavalny
Chairman of the Committee on Energy, The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; President, Russian Gas Society
Atsuo Iiyoshi
Chancellor, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chubu University
Pavel Livinsky
Chairman of the Management Board, PAO Rosseti
Willibald Meixner
Chief Executive Officer of Power and Gas Division, Siemens AG
Matteo Marini
Vice President, Division Manager, Europe, Power Grids Division, ABB
Simone Mori
Head of Europe and Euro-Mediterranean Affairs, Enel S.p.A.
Arto Räty
Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications, Fortum Corporation.
Alexander Starchenko
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Energy Consumers Association (ECA)
Alexey Texler
Acting Governor of Chelyabinsk region
Christoph Frei
Secretary General, Chief Executive Officer, World Energy Council