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Sustainable Cities and Eco-Energy Town Initiative
5 October 2018

This CEM seminar on the Sustainable Cities and Eco-Energy Town Initiative will bring together participants of the initiative and leading city experts to share their experience, further develop the initiative, and identify synergies with other related CEM workstreams focusing on transport, buildings, and smart grids. One of the main focuses of the CEM initiative in 2019 will be the transport sector. Representatives of the CEM’s Electric Vehicle Initiative will participate in the meeting to discuss opportunities for collaboration and coordination between the two initiatives. The key topics of inter-fuel competition in the urban transport sector and harmonization of data in cities will also be on the agenda. The event will be attended by representatives of Russian and Korean ministries, representatives of countries participating in the CEM Sustainable Cities and Eco-Energy Towns Initiative, representatives of the CEM EV Initiative, and stakeholders from leading international organizations such as the IEA, CDP, DENA, and others.

Russian Energy Week
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Conference hall
Manege, –2nd floor, conference hall D
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