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Gas-powered and Electric Vehicles in Russia: Possible Development Rates and Strategies
4 October 2018

The rising numbers of cars in the world means that the burden on the planet’s environment is increasing, creating the demand for new types of transport and fuel. Vehicle manufacturers and innovators are actively working on creating infrastructure and new models of electric vehicles, as well as liquefied and compressed natural gas vehicles. In Russia, plans are also being implemented to develop the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In many regions, public transport and municipal vehicles already run on natural gas. International experience shows that it is possible to accelerate the speed and expansion of the alternative petrol/diesel fuel market significantly, due to the rapid development of infrastructure on key transport corridors and in large metropolitan areas, tougher requirements for purchases by public and municipal organizations in terms of public transport and the housing and utilities sector, regulation of how public transport is organized, and the subsidizing of vehicle conversion. What incentives could the Government of the Russian Federation support in order to achieve more ambitious goals for the development of the gas-powered and electric car market? What regulatory restrictions impede the wider introduction of alternative transport? What is the expected effect on the country? Are vehicle manufacturers and freight and passenger transport companies interested in changing the strategy for developing the market? What are the challenges facing the regions?

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