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Power Engineering: Providing Modernization Plans for the Electrical Energy Industry
5 October 2018

At present, proposals aimed at introducing a mechanism for attracting investment for the modernization of the thermal power industry are being finalized. The mechanism is designed to attract investment of up to 2 trillion for the modernization of up to 41 GW of thermal generation in the period to 2035 in the pricing and non-pricing zones of the wholesale electricity and capacity market. Modernization projects will be chosen on a competitive basis. Projects that envisage the extensive modernization of equipment that is in very poor condition and highly sought after in the power system will be permitted to take part in the competition. It has been proposed that the ranking of the winners’ projects (selection) should be carried out according to the estimated unit cost of electricity for consumers after the implementation of modernization projects. This will enable the most effective implementation of investment and minimize the investment burden on consumers. For the first time, the proposals envisage the establishment of unprecedentedly high requirements for the localization of production of equipment that will be used in modernization projects. Violation of these requirements will mean investors will not be able to receive a full return on capital investments. These requirements will therefore play an important role in making investors commit to implementing modernization projects. This session will include discussions on key approaches to setting requirements for the localization of equipment production, while considering the production and technical capabilities of Russian ferrous metallurgy manufacturers and manufacturers of power and power engineering equipment. The session will be attended by representatives of leading engineering companies, the metals industry, generation companies, and government bodies, as well as industry experts.

Russian Energy Week
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