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Solutions from Russian State Companies. The Far Eastern Priority
6 September 2017

State companies are making a significant contribution to forward-looking development in the Russian Far East. A key objective for these companies, aside from profitability, is solving the challenges faced by the state. One such challenge is improving the quality of life of inhabitants of the Russian Far East. Many of Russia’s leading state companies are currently implementing specialized solutions in the region. Will Aeroflot’s so-called ‘flat’ tariff on destinations in the Russian Far East be maintained and extended? What other measures can the company offer to support the mobility of people in the region? Has the Agency’s for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) lowering rates on mortgage programmes for residents of the Russian Far East proven effective? In what other ways could the organization ensure affordable housing in the Russian Far East as part of this programme? How can Rostelecom help to eliminate the digital divide in the Russian Far East? What else can other state companies do to accelerate development in the region?

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